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A month later I’m starting to work on the web again… sometimes life get in the way. At least I could finally photograph the paintings that I have with me at home so I could upload them. But I have a lot to do yet. Today I’m starting with my first project in Spain.
I came to Madrid in 2006 to do some studies in Contemporary Art in UCM (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). It was a year like no other: new experiences, new country, customs, language, friends… Insatisfacciones (Dissatisfactions) was the project that I presented in the end of the year in a course that also had its ups and downs.

The project was in sync with a subject that I was developing in my work. I challenged myself to only use one color and white to get variations. Find models that agreed to make some photos naked was easier that I thought at first. In Brazil was always more difficult to find people to do it (and there I never asked for naked pictures). I started the project painting in the Jardines de Sabatini, a garden beside the Royal Palace in Madrid. Was really fun to see the shy but curious and the daring ones coming to talk to me or some children group that passing by came to criticizing the work that was leaning against a tree. Sadly I couldn’t going to the garden to paint and got on at my room. Weeks before the exhibition, I had to move, but the place that I was renting was not available anymore and I had to finish the paintings in a friend’s house that kindly took me in. But as always in life, all goes to place and everything was ready to the exhibition.

The exhibition Matalotaje was the result of a year of clases, work, friendships and collaborations/ disagreements of young artists. Today almost 10 years later I wonder where they will be and what happened in all this years.

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