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For years I have been thinking about doing this web. If you have decided to do one you will know that it is a long process and with a lot of work, even if you hire someone to do it for you. But it’s also an exercise of remember, take up again and appreciate. When you start to search the info, images, works, you end finding a lot of things, good and bad I must say. I will be honest, there is a lot more to upload. I think that when I decided to open the web today I didn’t realized the amount of photos to do, retouch and adjust. So that’s definitely not all folks.

Never will be really. The work gets on and the creation doesn’t stop. The idea is continue to create and share it here. What is coming? I don’t know. The last years were of other kinds of work, a lot of study, writing and little art. I saw it like a new phase on my life and let’s see what happens. I’m very happy and excited with it!

The goal here is show old works and have space for new ones. There is some things that I’m not sure if they should be here, but I decided that they will be here until they no longer need to be. The work doesn’t end here. There will be also a facebook page that I’m very excited about because it will be a little bit different of the web. The blog will talk about exhibitions, news and everything related with art and my work.

Thanks to everyone that helped me with this process, projects, assemblies or that simply were there.


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